Mission: Impossible II 2000 Virus free

The IMF agent, Ethan Hunt, sent to Sydney to locate and destroy a genetically modified disease called Chimera.

Directed by:

John Woo Chimera is a deadly virus that will be deadly death unless you have a complaint. Buyer Chimera would have been killed and a robbery led by an unemployment agentthe IMF, Sean Ambrose. The Impossible Mission Force, the IMF, is included by Ethan Hunt, an experienced and handsome and beautiful Nyah Nordof-Hall, who shared it with Ambrose. They will send Hermof-Holak decide to receive a confidential reception for Ambrose and learn what Hunt can pull Chimera, but they will have toto enter a safe lab by jumping from buildings and falling bullets. Its impossible.

The IMF agent, Ethan Hunt, is facing a dealer of weapons and tris, who threatens his life and fiance in response.

Directed by:

Abrams A man named Owen Davian has killed an agent of theThe IMF sent to Ethan Hunt, a secret story that returned from combat trips. A lion is now fiancé, Julia, who believes he works for the traffic service when he trains the IMF tents for a fight. Appointed for his final mission. His mission, he should choose to accept is tocatch Devian, who sells toxic weapons called rabbits. But Davian is mad, cruel and mortal. He promises Hunt that he will find Julia, will hurt him, and Ethan will be too dead to help. The mission is different from others, dangerous, smart and impossible; but now it’s personal.